Aura Diagnosis & Balancing

Aura Diagnosis & BalancingAura Diagnosis and Balancing

Aura Diagnosis & Healing, Bangalore

The aura is the energy body or Sookshma shareer, where all emotions, thoughts, memories, behavioural patterns, physical health, spiritual state, etc are located in time and space, around a life form. It extends from the body in all directions in subtle energy patterns. For human beings, there are seven layers of aura.

Aura is made up of concentric bands or layers of coloured light that travel in patterns around the body. Colours in the auric spectrum would vary depending on the physical-mental-emotional and spiritual condition of the individual. The colours of the energy around individuals, who are emotionally withdrawn or have given up on life, tend to fade into thin pastel shades. While good physical, emotional and mental health is seen in clear bright colours.

Healers, through extra sensory perception, can identify abnormalities in the auric bodies and the chakras (energy centres),which are inter-connected, and thus can diagnose on the body, mind and emotional levels. Since perception of onset of a disease can be felt in the aura much before its manifestation on the physical body, auric diagnosis can be of immense value in preventive measures as also reducing the impact on us. The auric bodies depict them in discolorations, tears, ruptures; while chakras can reveal depletion, entry blocks, exit blocks, reverse rotations, giving rise to waste of energy. This reveals which organ/system can get into dis-eased state. This is possible even if the healer has no medical background but has deep clairvoyant characteristics.

Once an aura diagnosis is done, a person has a choice of changing life styles, transforming the way one reacts to situations etc., so that we do not degenerate health wise very fast and can take precautions in delaying the onset of symptoms. One easy way of doing this is regularly cleaning one’s aura.

There is a definite connection between illness and psychological problems, right from mere headache to cancers etc. We suppress most of our feelings and reactions in life, which lead to energy blocks and stagnation, clogging and finally symptomatic dis-ease in the physical body, penetrating within from the outer emotional-mental auric layer. For us, there is no separation between body and mind, emotion and spirit; they are all interdependent, and co-working. Therefore, all should be in balance for a healthy life. The energy blocks could be identified and released from the auric field by either energy work. Hence, study of aura and working with it plays a vital role in holistic life.

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