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Spirit Releasement Therapy
Spirit Releasement Therapy, Bangalore
Symptoms of Spirit Attachment
Remote / Distant Spirit Release

What is SRT?                              Spirit Releasement Therapy Bangalore
Spirit Release Therapy is the process used to release attachments from living people. This depossession process can be done in person or from a distance which is called remote clearing. This is possible because everything that exists is energy. When we tap into the energy field of a person with an attachment it is possible to discern their energy from the foreign energy. Remote spirit depossession can be done without the conscious knowledge of the person on whom the work will be preformed. If a parent is concerned about a minor child, they can give permission by proxy for the work to be done. Permission is always requested and must be granted from that person’s higher self before the the
session is begun.

What is Spirit Possession?           Spirit Releasement Therapy, Bangalore
Spirit possession is the full or partial “assault” of a living human by a discarnate being. The being may or may not have had a physical life. If the being had a human life at some point, the surviving consciousness is called an earthbound spirit.

What Is A Spirit Attachment?        Spirit Release Therapy, Bangalore
Spirit Possession, Spirit Attachment or Entity Attachment are all one in the same.The entity becomes a parasite to the host causing illnesses and disorders that are not biologically logical for the host. Soul fragmentation occurs necessitating the recovery of the soul fragments and healing of the Soul

How do they attach to people?    Spirit Releasement Therapy, Bangalore
It can happen when people are vulnerable, in low moods, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, suffering from trauma or just negative emotions.

What causes the spirits to attach to people in this way? Entity Removal, Bangalore
At the end of a life that has ended with shock, confusion or unresolved issues, be they positive: not wanting to leave a loved one or negative: a desire to get revenge, the soul energy of a person does not travel into the light. As a result they can be stuck on the earth plane and, at a loss for where else to go, will be attracted to a person displaying similar energy.

What specific things can cause a spirit to be stuck? Entity Removal, Bangalore
The emotions and feelings connected with a sudden, traumatic death can become the force which attaches a spirit to the earth plane. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, distress, even strong ties of love, can interfere with the universal transition into the Light. If a person dies by drug overdose, the newly deceased spirit may attach to someone who uses drugs or alcohol in order to maintain the sensations of the habit.

What else can cause a spirit to be stuck?    Foreign Removal, Bangalore
Sometimes at death a spirit or soul is confused or simply out of fear does not return to where it belongs. We have a choice even at the moment of our death. We’re free to return home to the Light or remain on earth and rove around. If we are a victim of murder, we may also have a choice to attach ourself to the person who took our life and cause them trouble in their life. Many spirits remain on the earth plane because of a lack of awareness of their own death. Confusion, distrust and disbelief concerning religion and spirituality can prevent the spirit from moving into the Light.

How do people know of they have spirits attached to their energy field?
A person subjected to this experience may report hearing voices yet have no other psychotic symptom or behaviour. A newly formed attachment may be apparent by the sudden onset of drug or alcohol usage, unusual and inappropriate speech patterns and behaviour patterns, or noticeable personality changes.

What kinds of things can leave people open to spirits attaching to them?
Hospitals are places where a lot of death occurs so people can be vulnerable following surgery; especially if they were under chemical anaesthesia, if they were involved in an accident, experienced emotional upset, the suicide of a friend, colleague or family member, even moving into a new home. A person can be vulnerable and open to attachment due to any mental or physical symptoms or conditions, strong emotions, repressed negative feelings, conscious or unconscious wants or needs. This vulnerability can act like a magnet to attract a foreign entity with the same or similar emotion, condition, need or feeling. Severe stress may cause susceptibility to the influence of an intrusive spirit. Alteration of the consciousness with the use of alcohol or drugs, especially mind drugs, opens the unconscious mind to invasion by discarnate beings. The same can be true for the use of anaesthetic drugs for surgery.
What impact can having a spirit attachment have? Negative Energy Removal, Bangalore
As the result of an attachment, or possession, physical appetites for food, sex, alcohol, and drugs can increase greatly. Personal attitudes and beliefs can suddenly change, as can personal tastes. The voice and even facial features and appearance can alter thinking, and can transmit to it`s victim any mental abnormality or emotional disturbance, as well as any symptom of physical illness. This condition can be extremely confusing and frightening for a person, and for friends and family. Attachment to any given person may be completely unplanned, even accidental. An attachment can be benevolent in nature, self serving to fulfil a personal need of the spirit, harmful in intention, or completely neutral. It can occur simply because of physical proximity to a dying person at the time of the death. The connection may be established by the purposeful choice of either the spirit or the living human, because of a strong emotional bond between them.

How does the therapy work? Negative Energy Removal, Bangalore
Spirit release therapy uses hypnosis to open up a safe communication with any energies that do not belong with a person and a therapeutic discussion ensues, allowing the energy to be gently returned to the light. Even dark energies contain light and these too can be dealt with with compassion and love. Spirit Releasement is a therapy, not a rite. Unlike exorcism, it comes from a position of compassion, not confrontation. It aims both to free the client and to assist the attached spirit to continue its evolutionary journey.
Is there anything else that may need to be explored to ensure that spirits stay clear in the future?
Past Life Therapy is often usefully combined with Spirit Releasement Therapy as Karmic and past life wounding can generate energy that the attachments are drawn to and this can act like a velcro that they stick to; once this is healed there is nothing for them to attach to- the ‘hook’ is withdrawn and the person is then safe of further attachments.