Significance of Past Lives on Present Life

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We are like rivers. On the surface we are all shiny and clear, shimmering with freshness and life, but deep within us run powerful unseen currents of soul-memories and desires. These deep currents are the cumulative effects of ages of soul-life and many incarnations in the Earth. They cause us to love one person and despise another; to feel wonderful vibrations with a particular individual in one aspect of our lives only to feel awkward and uncomfortable with that same person in another aspect of our lives. Patterns and habits have formed deep within our inner-consciousness and shape the way we interact with people around us.

Everyone involved in our present lives was very likely involved in our past lives. Actually, it is likely they have been involved in many of our past lives. Our parents, brothers and sisters, spouses, children, friends, colleagues, bosses and employees, and even our enemies began sharing life with us long before the present lifetime.

The effects of these many past-life experiences are reflected in the circumstances that now surround our present relationships. The soul’s memories of past-life activities with others shape our innate reactions to them. Of course, their memories of our past-life actions influence how they react to us. Through the same eyes that the personality sees life, the soul sees it, but the soul looks with a memory covering centuries of passion and adventure, caring and love, hatred and revenge, doubt and fear. When we feel a seemingly unfounded fondness for another person, it is very likely due to soul memory of the positive role he or she played in our past lives. On the other hand, when we react with what seems to be an unfounded revulsion or hatred towards another person, you can be pretty sure it is because the soul recalls their past actions against us or our loved ones.

However, the influences of past-life actions are rarely so clear cut. Often those with whom we have had many good lives and relationships are the same people with whom we have had many problems and disagreements, a mix of “good” and “bad karma,” so to speak. In fact, it’s rare that a past-life relationship has every aspect of life in good, clear focus. Those positive, well-developed aspects from our past lives will give us much pleasure and support in the present. Conversely, those aspects which we did not have in proper focus will give us opportunities for pain and growth in present relationships. Avoiding these influences is simply not possible. Whether we like it or not, the Universal Law of Karma constantly brings before each of us the meeting of our past use of free will and consciousness. Thus, what we have done to other souls and they have done to us is reflected in the circumstances surrounding our present relationships and the basic, innate urges, attitudes and emotions we feel toward each other.


These basic ideas of past relationships and their present influences are not only true of individual relationships but also of group relationships. From the beginning our souls have tended to travel together in groups, and the very act of traveling together for such long periods creates forces of attraction that help to maintain and build on these group relationships. Nearly all souls on the planet today were together in past ages of human history. As a result, the relationships among the peoples of the world today are a reflection of their past activities with each other.

The souls who came in to this planetary system and entered the realms of consciousness associated with this region of the cosmos comprise our largest soul group. This group can then be divided into the subgroups we call “the generations,” containing souls who move through the natural cycles of Earth life together, which can be further divided into the various nations, cultures, races, religions, etc., that have formed during ages of interaction together. Within these groups are the subgroups of souls who share similar philosophies, ideas, purposes, aspirations and attitudes. From here the soul groups further divide into the many smaller groups of personal relationships: communities, families, businesses, teams, schools and so on.

Soul groups create an affinity among their members by not only the cumulative experiences they share, but also through their collective memory of how life has been for them and what they have come to mutually desire out of it. In a manner of speaking, such groups form a distinct collective consciousness and spirit, much like the souls who gave us “the spirit of ’76,” reflecting that soul group’s mutual hopes, attitudes, purposes and memories.

Soul groups are neither rigid nor static. Any individual soul can use its free will to seek an experience in another group. There are many cases of souls changing political allegiance, race, or religion from one lifetime to another. Neither do the generations incarnate in strict, rigid patterns. A member of one generation may enter again with another generation. For example, two members of a family group who were father and son in one life may change positions and become son and father in another, or grandfather and grandson. They may even choose to be in the same generation in an incarnation as brothers, for example. However, they may choose not to be in the same family again.

Although soul groups are fairly well established and have significant pull on the individuals within them, they do not have greater influence than an individual soul’s will to change.

Generally, however, soul groups cycle in and out of the Earth together and, therefore, at approximately the same time. (I am speaking in eras and ages, not days or years.) Many of them were for souls who fell into one of two major soul groups and naturally followed their cycles of incarnation. Notice in the following listing that the two groups mentioned were sometimes in the Earth at the same periods, but in different locations, not surprisingly.

The idea of going into one’s past isn’t to stop worrying about their present or shift their focus or justify it. The idea is to remove the past live memories, thought patterns & beliefs stemming from past lives that stop one from fully staying and focusing on this moment. These memories, sub-consciously hamper our experience, actions, reactions & decisions in this moment and hence it’s important to de-link our past from our present. To delink, it’s important to understand why the linking happens in the first place. That is where the role of “lessons” comes into picture. While we live, we learn. While we live, our soul learns. When the soul lives & fails to learn, it sticks around that memory for later retrieval. It’s like let me mark this question which I am not so sure on how to resolve but later, when I am wiser, I’ll come back to it. Hence it moves on with that “link” with that unresolved past. Similarly, it links too much and starts too feel stretched. For each of those links, whenever it realizes that now I can’t go on without really resolving this one and understanding this concept, it creates a similar event / situation in this life where all the important situations / choices / milestones of the past life scene are replayed.

Certain Situations, emotions & negativities can be experienced through past life memories where the objective of them coming up is always because they want to be released. Yet, they potentially can trap one into the same old understandings and increase the negative experience.To resolve Past lives, the extremely powerful therapy that can be used is Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression is one of the most well known technique to hypnotically get into one’s past lives and experience the stuck memories & thought patterns.

One can feel the shift of energies in both these therapies, almost instantly but it might take a few days for your physical reality to start attracting transformation in your life.