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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member. From a shamanic perspective, soul loss is a common cause of illness. Traditionally, a shaman would conduct a soul retrieval within three days of someone experiencing soul loss.

Soul loss is a helpful response in that it allows our essence to remove itself from suffering and pain. Soul loss can be described as “spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease…(and) losing crucial parts of ourselves that provide us with life and vitality.” A soul retrieval is the shamanic method for bringing back those vital parts.

Soul loss is the experience of an essential part of us leaving and soul retrieval is the experience of having that essential part retrieved and returned to you. Many of us feel like we are missing an important part of ourselves or feel like we are not quite whole. Sometimes we experience soul loss as a chronic illness or face ongoing emotions such as sadness and anger.

Soul loss can occur at any age and a soul retrieval can be done at any point in life. Sometimes we remember specific events in life that really changed us – for the worse – physically, emotionally and mentally.

The results of a soul retrieval are unique for everyone. Some people will experience joy, curiosity, or expansiveness and others will feel quiet, still and sleepy after a soul retrieval. Ultimately, you should feel as if a part of you has returned home.

Soul retrieval is a wonderful spiritual healing technique traditionally done within three days of experiencing soul loss. However, in modern society, it is common to experience soul loss and not have a soul retrieval. So, soul retrievals may be done for soul loss experienced during the entire span of a life. The intention is to find lost soul parts that are willing to come back and help at this point in time in your life.

Receiving a Soul Retrieval
In order to conduct a soul retrieval, if it has been over three days since the soul loss occurred, modern shamanic practitioners are often required to do some detective work to find the lost soul. They look for the lost soul in the spirit worlds with the help of their power animals and spirit teachers.

A shamanic practitioner may receive information that helps narrow down when, where and why the soul loss occurred.

When the part of your soul is found, the shamanic practitioner and their helping spirits engage with the lost soul and invite it to come back home. At times, a lost soul may be cared for in the spirit world by an ancestor, power animal or guardian. Sometimes a lost soul has been stolen and the shamanic practitioner and spirit helpers will negotiate its return.

The shamanic practitioner returns with the essence that is a part of you. They will return this vital essence to you by blowing it into your heart and the crown of your head. They may also blow it into a crystal or use another method to transfer the essence back to you. Rattling and other instruments are often used at the end of a soul retrieval to welcome the soul back home.

Welcome your soul back with an open body, heart and mind. While the shamanic practitioner is retrieving and returning the soul, the recipient can use a metaphor to visualize absorbing the light of their essence.

A highlight of a soul retrieval is receiving a healing story. A shamanic practitioner may give you a healing story about the soul essence or light that is returning to you. It may be a strong creative force or a deep inner knowing that returns to you. It may be an excited little girl or boy full of passion for life.

The shamanic practitioner will often work with you after the soul retrieval to realize the gifts returning to you and actions that will help ground the experience in your physical reality.
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