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How do I know whether Soul Retrieval is appropriate for me?
Soul Retrieval could be appropriate if you are experiencing apathy, listlessness, numbness, loss of energy, feeling as though something has died inside or if you are experiencing inconsolable grief that has been lasting for years, chronic depression, suicidal tendencies or chronic illness. Soul Retrieval is beneficial if you are having difficulty moving on with life or if you have been experiencing chronic misfortune where one life catastrophe follows another. If there are recurring patterns in your life, such as struggle with addiction, always falling in love with emotionally unavailable people, always winding up in jobs where your progress is hindered, always getting the boss from hell, etc. would makeyou a candidate for soul retrieval.

What kinds of circumstances typically lead to Soul Loss?
Traumatic life experiences often result in Soul Loss, including the death of a loved one, painful end of a love relationship, divorce, physical or emotional trauma, abuse, assault, illness, accidents or surgery.

Ever since childhood I have felt so disconnected and lost. Can Soul Retrieval help me?Feeling lost, disconnected from our selves, or like we are children inhabiting a grownups body are major symptoms of Soul Loss. Soul Retrieval restores our sense of wholeness, feeling complete and competent and confident to handle the demands of life.

Do I need to give you detailed information about my life when I schedule Soul Retrieval?
No, I don’t need any background information. All I need your name and a brief description of what is not working that makes you think you might need Soul Retrieval. Just as in my psychic medium readings, I prefer to know nothing about my client’s life or spirit loved ones.

Where do soul parts go when they leave?
The soul parts go to ‘non-ordinary reality’. They continue to live in non-ordinary reality or parallel universes where life is simpler and more rewarding that whatever had been going on in your life at the time of the Soul Loss.

Are the soul parts that you bring back damaged?
No. They are whole and healthy and they come back with gifts and talents that you need in your life at this time. In my experience the soul parts that go away during times of trauma are the independent aspects of ourselves that don’t feel like sticking around for whatever is about to unfold. Once these aspects of ourselves have come back, we experience a new sense of wholeness and independence.

Are you going to tell me why soul parts left?
It depends on whether they will share the reason for their initial departure with me. If they tell me why, then I will most certainly share that with you.

Does the success of Soul Retrieval depend on knowing why soul parts had left?
No. The success of Soul Retrieval depends on bringing back soul parts that left during times of illness, loss, or trauma.

Does Soul Retrieval focus on recovering memories of traumatic events?
No. The emphasis of Soul retrieval is on restoring wholeness so that you can get on with your life in present time. I might retrieve soul parts that left decades ago. Whatever caused the initial soul loss no longer matters, because the past is past and cannot be changed.

Do you perform Soul Retrieval long-distance or face-to-face?
Both. I have successfully performed Soul Retrieval long-distance for clients in India, USA, Singapore, Australia etc. In-person soul retrievals make sense if you life in Bangalore, India.

Is there a qualitative difference between long-distance Soul Retrieval and face-to-face Soul Retrieval?
No. In my experience there is absolutely no qualitative difference between face-to-face and long-distance Soul Retrieval.

Is it possible to experience healing of a physical condition after Soul Retrieval?
Clients often call me months after their Soul Retrieval to report that chronic conditions or illnesses have disappeared after they had Soul Retrieval. This is not surprising, because Soul Retrieval heals the spiritual causes of physical illnesses.

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