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Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy in Bangaore
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Past Life Regression Therapy is a process which uses hypnosis to help one access forgotten memories from one’s past lives, that may be hindering or creating difficulties in the present life. Past Life Therapy is a process of self-discovery and spiritual healing. It`s becoming conscious of what ails a person by revealing and resolving unresolved, present- and past-life experiences affecting one`s health and quality of life. It`s accessing the past-life, survival-based root of current issues, which conventional therapies cannot provide, with a self-guided, efficient method for resolving unconscious patterns contributing to emotional, physical, and behavioral challenges.

past life storiesPast life exploration!
Why do some places and people seem familiar to you?
Who were you?
What do you know?
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Past Life Therapy provides a client access to fully knowing who they are, what drives them internally, and what they are unconsciously searching to complete and understand about themselves or others.This happens while also resurfacing and resolving the source of present-life ailments.

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what most practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. The system of Past Life Therapy (PLT) or Past Life Regression (PLR) necessarily entails a belief in the theory of reincarnation. The therapy works on the premise that the cause of a patient’s physical and/or psychological ailments might result from a trauma that a patient had experienced in an earlier existence, or at any rate, by some sort of past life regression bangalorepersonal ordeal buried deep within the subconscious. This program will help to lift the psychic amnesia of your past which has limited your true potential.

Personally, I think we get past life memories very often, we just usually ignore them and brush them away. Sometimes they can come from flashes of memory which seem like our imaginations doodling off again. Sometimes they are just feelings, like you might get anxious all of a sudden for no apparent reason. Clues are all around us, its just a matter of paying attention. Past life regression would also be a good idea if you really want to know the whole story.

Past Life/ Past Lives Therapy (PLT) utilizing clinical hypnotherapy allows unconscious experiences from past life traumas or emotionally charged events to become fully conscious. Past Life Therapy aims to resolve any unconscious, survival-before  this birth…What goes around comes around.This is not punishment, it simply is a learning experience. It is believed that life is one big karmic classroom and we reincarnate lifetime after lifetime the way a student enrolls in school year after school .

How can merely accessing a past life heal your future?
Its not as simple as that. When we go through a traumatic incident, the incident itself past life regression storiesbrings with it too many aspects to handle. There may be physical trauma, emotional trauma, mental trauma, and one may even be required to support other family members or friends. In such a case, we suppress memories and emotions related to this incident, thereby suppressing the energies related with it. These energies eventually become patterns in our lives, trying to surface every once in a while and bring our attention to unresolved energies.

Past Life Therapy involves going back to these incidents, releasing those suppressed emotions and healing them. Once the healing is complete, the problem will slowly fade away and disappear. Sometimes the results can also be instantaneous.

Since the emotions involved can be quite deep rooted, and there is sometimes a resistance to dealing with them, multiple sessions might be required to facilitate a complete and deep healing.
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