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Commonly Asked Questions about Spirit Releasement Therapy?

Remote Spirit Releasement is a technique where on individual will act as a surrogate or a scanner for another individual in Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT). There are benefits for remote spirit releasement, in which the client doesn’t have to be actively participating in the work, therefore the client’s critical mind would not block the process.

This is done for an individual who is unwilling or unable to release an attached spirit because of insufficient mental capacity or is under the control of the attached entity or demonic spirit or unable to come down to the healing clinic.

This process is done through the induction of an altered state of consciousness. The surrogate will visualize the person and ask that individuals higher self if permission is given for the process to continue. If the answer is yes, then the surrogate looks into the eyes of that person to establish a connection with him. The surrogate may then perceive the presence of attached entities by noticing other faces, eyes or feel the presence of another. Once the fact of spirit attachment is ascertained, the client and therapist make sure that the boundaries between the therapist and the entity are established and the SRT is continued. SRT is most effectively done in person with the full knowledge of the original subject. Healing is most effective when the person acknowledges the problem and takes full responsibility for his healing.