Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning,’Universal-Energy’. Reiki consists of two words ‘Rei’ and ‘ki’.’Rei’ means , ‘Universal’ and ‘ki’ means, ‘Energy’.This energy will be flowing through each one of us right from our birth. Due to several reasons, the energy flow through us gets reduced causing diseases, sickness, inefficiency,  etc. After a person undergoes Reiki initiation/attunement, the Reiki Master-Teacher cleanses his energy channels, thereby, enhancing the energy flow through that person. Then, the person becomes a Reiki channel. On becoming a Reiki channel, he can use the universal energy i.e., Reiki energy to heal himself and others.

Historical background

Basically, Reiki is an Indian technique of touch-healing that was being practiced in the southern part of India.

During 500B.C., Gouthama Buddha used to touch-heal the sufferers. Through him, this healing system went to Tibet and from there, to the lost  continent of Atlanta. It is believed that Reiki was lost to the world when Atlantis sank into the sea after a catastrophe.

The touch-healing system was also known to have been practiced by Jesus Christ and other saints. It remained dormant for a few centuries thereafter.

Subsequently, in the 19th century, Dr.Mikayo Usui of Koyoto city of Japan, who was working as a teacher in a university, meditated for 21 long days on top of Mt.Kurama. Thereafter, he got Saturi (self-realization) and acquired the power of touch-healing (Reiki).

This healing system was continued by Dr.Chujiro Hayashi and subsequently by Mrs.Hawayo Takata of the USA. Today, this healing system is very popular across the world with several lakhs of Reiki Practitioners and Masters existing in various countries.

Important Uses Of Reiki

☆Reiki is a powerful and gentle healing energy.This life-force boosts the body’s natural capacity to heal itself of its problems.

☆Reiki can not only heal physical body aliments, but it can also assist in healing emotional, mental and spiritual problems.

☆Reiki can generally heal all types of health disorders.They could be diagnosed, undiagnosed, curable or incurable diseases.

☆Reiki is safe, has no side-effects or overdose problems.

☆There is no age-limit to learn Reiki.Any person who intends to learn it can do so.

☆Reiki does not work on religious beliefs or practise.

☆Reiki can be an effective tool to heal oneself and others.

☆Reiki can be used as distant healing.That is, a person can be healed without being physically present or in close proximity with the healer.Healing can take place even when the receiver of the energy is far away.

☆Anyone can learn Reiki regardless of the level of education, healing ability or previous experience.

☆Reiki can be used on plants, animals, children, inanimate things, vehicles, land, for the protection of home/house and business and everything else.

☆Reiki is a simple tool that reduces stress and enhances inner peace.

☆A person can start using Reiki both on himself/herself and on others from the day he/she learns Reiki.

☆Learning Reiki is simple, easy and requires very little effort.

☆Reiki is safe and it can never be used to harm others even if intended to.

☆Reiki works for good and does not cause harm either to the practitioner or to the receiver or to anybody else, either knowingly or unknowingly or when wrongly used