Effects of Demons, Dark Forces & Spirit Entities

The Effects of Demons, Dark Forces & Spirit Entities

The one thing that all entities have in common is that they feed on your energy. A person who has many entities or a couple of huge ones will generally have low energy. Some people who have serious entity infections will feel cold a lot, but that alone is not an indication for entities. The general rule is the more entities you have, the less energy and vitality (prana) you have. Entities can cause physical problems in the part of the body or the chakra where they are stuck.

Most entities will eventually cause physical disease and problems. Extreme entity infestation could in the worst case scenario lead to premature death as the entities will deplete your life force and / or wreck vital organs. I would like to point out that we are talking about a shamanic concept of disease here, and not what is “believed” to be the cause of disease according to traditional medicine. Shamans see disease in a very different way and treat it in a completely different way. The results can be quite stunning at times. If a problem is caused by entities it is quite easy to deal with. But not every physical problem is caused by entities! But the good news is that entities can be dealt with, and that you don’t have to keep them!

dark force The more advanced and cunning entities have another agenda altogether: to cause separation. As entities are demonic beings, they loathe Oneness and try everything to separate you from the Oneness with God/Goddess/All-That-Is. They achieve this by pushing your buttons and creating negative emotions in you, such as despair, apathy and unreasonable fear. In some cases when a person is being “possessed” by very powerful entities or demons their character will change drastically, as the entities influence them, and in the worst cases even run their lives! You can be sure that entities are not going to create a life of prosperity, abundance and joy for you! The opposite is the case. Their agenda is pain! The more you are in despair, the further you will drift away from your natural state of enthusiasm and joy which is close to Oneness. Therefore entities will try to create such situations in your life that will cause you maximum pain. And, they try to lead you astray spiritually wherever they can, leading you to false teachers, and scaring you of the real ones who could help you! They will rebel if you start to work with the healer and will try to manipulate you to go back to disempowering religions. Their purpose is to keep you from finding your power, which would make an end to them! While you have entities you will never fully get into your power nor to the Oneness!

negative entitiesIf you seek out a healer or teacher who has real power, meaning the power to remove entities and demons, or the power to help you find the Oneness, the entities will do everything to prevent you from getting there! Your car may suddenly break down, a family problem arises, or you may get freaked out and suddenly fear the healer. As astral beings the entities can hear your thoughts as if you spoke them out loud. They know exactly what you are up to, what you fear, etc. Entities know every one of your buttons and every one of your weaknesses and will exploit them mercilessly! If you are a lazy person, they will manipulate you with your tendency to be lazy. So instead of  going to a healer you stay at home and waste your time in doing nothing. If your tendency is being a coward, they will tell you the healer is “dark”, and whisper in your ear that you should look for somebody more gentle and “angelic” — probably leading you to a false teacher or an evil person wearing the cloak of “love and light”.  They may lead you to false teachers and quacks, and to those who have no real power but put up a struggle when you do something that can make a real shift in your life. I have seen this happening in my own life and in the life of friends countless times.

It is easy to dismiss entities, but once you have felt them stirring in you, or putting up a struggle when you begin to do true spiritual work, or wriggling about in your body as the shaman pulls them out, once you have experienced that you will turn into a believer too!

Some entities will try to destroy specific aspects of your life, such as your relationships, family life, or your health. Entities can make people angry, violent, and act totally out of character. A person with willpower, integrity and a strong spiritual connection will not easily be taken over by entities, but the weak-willed, the already violent and angry, and those under the influence of alcohol and drugs will fall prey to entities’ manipulations very easily. People who haven’t integrated their shadow and are in ego are also more susceptible to entity control! A word of warning: never engage in conversation with your entities, neither out loud nor mentally! If you do you will soon develop a co-dependent relationship with your entities, besides you run the risk of being hauled off to the loony bin!