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Spirit Releasement Therapy, Bangalore

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Commonly Asked Questions about Spirit Releasement Therapy?

Spirit Attachment Sypmtoms

Just as thought forms and emotional energy of people around us can become a part of our own energies and influence us unfavourably, in certain cases, the energies of people who are no longer a part of the physical reality.

At the time of death, the physical body is left behind and the soul of an individual rises. The soul consists of the residual emotional patterns and thought patterns of the individual. As soon as the soul separates from the physical body, there appears a doorway known as the Bardo that helps the deceased soul to exit the physical realm into the light.

Spirits Spirit Releasement Therapy, Bangalore
It may be confused, even to the point of not knowing that the body has died. Ignorance or fear of punishment may cause it to be diverted. Spirits, not uncommonly, attach to other embodied persons, often relatives or friends. Spirits may stay behind with the clear intention of attachment, perhaps out of concern for a relative, or to satisfy an addiction, even for revenge. Suicidal persons may have with them spirits which encourage suicide. Attachments may also be thought entities or incompatible energies

Whatever be the reason, the fragment of the soul that has stayed on continues to feel all those emotions in thesame intensity and suffers as a result. This is why many religious texts prescribe that the ‘dying thoughts’ of an individual must be pure. It is only with a positive state of mind at the time of death that the soul can see the light and move on.

The Bardo remains open only for a limited period of time. Once the Bardo closes, this Hence, it looks forresonance in other ‘living’ energy bodies.

A Spirit can occupy an individual’s energy body through his voids or it can occupy his physical body itself. Both cases result in a wide spectrum of physical, emotional and mental conditions that can range from migraines to suicidal tendencies. They are usually stronger than stray foreign energies and very often amplify our own negative emotions. Have you ever felt like someone else takes over when you are mad with rage? Spirits often use our body and life-situations to vent out their revenge or anger or whatever other lower emotion they predominantly feel.

Black Magic
‘Black Magic’ or ‘Voodoo’ is a term that has a lot of fear associated with it. Some people even believe that once a victim of black magic, there is not much one can do to get back to a normal life. We would like to begin by saying that black magic is very real across many different cultures. Just as healers use positive energies to heal, black magicians use negative energies to harm. While a regular foreign energy or spirit might get attracted to us by resonance, in black magic cases, there is a ‘sender’ who intentionally sends a negative force into our physical or energy body. This ‘dark force’ is programmed to perform a certain harmful role.

Spirits that have got trapped in the physical realm after their death feel lost and miserable. These helpless spirits are captured by Tantrics and used for their ulterior motives. The spirits are wrapped in layers of darkness of ignorance, and used as Dark Forces.

The Release,                      Spirit Release Therapy, Bangalore
Releasing the Spirit or the Dark Force is not a dangerous or frightening process like how they show in the movies. In fact it is a gentle communication through the language of unconditional love. The process involves bringing the spirit/Dark force into the light of knowledge, making it aware that it does not rightfully belong to the physical realm and urging it to leave.

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