Life Between Lives Regression for Spiritual Integration

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Life Between Lives Regression for Spiritual Integration

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At some point in most lives, we begin to ask the questions, ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What is my life’s purpose?’ We may find clues by paying attention to what we love, what we are passionate about changing, or perhaps by what most pisses us off. For those interested in a direct response to their questions, The Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) offers this opportunity.

Each lifetime has a different purpose that we most often discover when we hit an obstacle in our lives today. Past life regression will enable you to put the problems or concerns that you can’t quite master on your own into a new perspective. And by accessing spiritual help and guidance through such a journey, you will discover rational solutions to your problems that are more effective than those of sound psychology.

Living here in a material world, we forget that we are souls whose true home is in another dimension. Through hypnosis, you are able to push aside the veil and enter the world of the soul where you can get your questions answered and receive the guidance you need to move forward in your life in a better way. You gain not just a new perspective and plan on how to act differently in the future but a boost of energy to help you get started. Recalling physical and emotional events about former lives when the subject is mentally out of body allows them to reach core issues related to karma, dissect them and expose them to examination for meaning and purpose.

There are those who believe that before we came into this physical body, we were part of the energy and love that exists in the spirit world. We were souls that had access to the limitless love and knowledge that’s available in that realm. But we eventually made a decision to come back into the physical world to experience and grow. But in order to experience and grow, we had to forget nearly everything that was available to us in the Spirit world. For those who believe or are open to the concept, a Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) can allow for access to that information

Life Between Lives session, also known as a Between Lives Regression. For those clients who have previously experienced Past Life Regression and are now looking for an even more profound experience, Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression is both an extension and evolution beyond Past Life Regression. Through deep hypnosis soul memories are accessed of your travels through the spiritual realms following your most recent incarnation. It is also an advanced therapeutic intervention to access your life between lifetimes, enabling you to heal, gain greater understanding of your life’s path and ways to empower your present.This is because the techniques of LBL therapy allow access to our soul memories in a higher state of consciousness we call the superconscious mind. The key for the application and success of LBL therapy is the length of the session and depth of the trance state.

This procedure permits subjects to connect with their soul-self, enabling them to bridge their physical incarnations and connect with a more permanent immortal life in the spirit world. Once connected to one’s ‘eternal self’, a client is able to see their evolutionary karmic growth pattern over a vast amount of earth time in many bodies, while mentally residing in the ‘world between lives’. One then learns why those bodies were chosen; the ‘fit’ between the experiences encountered in past and present lives; and the lessons they bring.

The LBL client, when in a state of super-consciousness, is able to transcend identification with physical incarnations to access a deeper, eternal nature that actively records the lessons of those lives as part of an evolutionary growth of soul-consciousness. Past and present human lives are seen as but alter-egos of an eternal identity. In this state of heightened perception and understanding clients are then able to find their own answers to age-old questions such as:

“Who am I?” … “Why am I here?” … “Where do I come from?”

One of the most profound spiritual experiences available to individuals who undergo LBL regression is direct contact with personal teachers known as spirit guides. These wise beings have been assigned to us since our creation and directly connect with clients during their sessions in such a meaningful way that the encounter becomes “therapeutic”. Later, this knowledge in a conscious state promotes a transcendental awareness of having a personal relationship with a higher power. Many clients will be shown other past lives relevant to their current purpose. Clients may report about how time is spent in the spirit world and/or meeting with their primary soul groups. It is during the time spent with the soul’s individual council that often provides the answers to the questions about life purpose. Some clients will go to the place of life selection, where they get a deeper understanding of why they chose the particular body and life they are occupying. With amazing consistency, LBL clients experience warmth, understanding and compassion; usually much more far-reaching than what they have experienced in a body.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression explores relationships, lessons and themes carried forward throughout several lifetimes, including the present incarnation. It is a deeply profound exploration of one’s soul’s immortal existence from this loving realm between lives. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression allows one to learn more about their current life by connecting with their higher-self, spirit guides and teachers at the soul-level of the mind to gain an expanded sense of meaning and purpose regarding their current life journey. Clients not only discover their purpose for being, they also discover they had a choice in choos1ng this body and life. It’s empowering to understand that we had a choice in choosing these relationships, both loving and difficult, and what purpose they serve. It brings a sense of comfort “knowing” that we are not alone, help is available to us, and that the soul continues on after we die. Client’s may visit areas of rest and rejuvenation, body selection, libraries, meeting with soul groups, and their own Council of Elders where they explore their growth as a soul and karmic lessons. Interactions with spirit guides and Elders provides better understanding of their purpose as they move forward in their current Incarnation. Experiencing this opens up a channel of awareness to our guides and teachers that continues after our session is over, reminding us that we are not alone as we live out the remainder of our current lives. It is a deeply personal journey to connect with one’s soul-self to gain insight into one’s life lessons, challenges and relationships. Great healing and a sense of peace comes thru these sessions. Understanding the interconnectedness of all souls allows one to live out the remainder of their current life in a much more conscious and meaningful way. Clients have a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in this world with a deeper commitment to living out their soul’s contract or life’s purpose. From the perspective of the higher-mind, insights are revealed that help clients to begin to release outdated beliefs and burdens that are holding them back. With this knowledge, they are better equipped to release anger or old resentments towards others, because they have a greater understanding of their own role in this. As a result, they are able to take responsibility for their actions and live in a more conscious way. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression offers a therapeutic opportunity to readdress these issues from the current life body. and brain to bring insightful awareness for healing old wounds they have been working through for many lifetimes. Connecting to ones soul-self this way brings Profound healing at a deeply emotional level as one understands their soul’s purpose along their journey thru time. In addition to answers to current life questions, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression answers the age-old question of “What happens to us when we die?” For many it is comforting to know that once the body dies, the soul continues on to rejoin with our loved ones once we leave our earthly existence.

In your Life Between Lives session, you touch the divine not through books, psychic readings, or institutional dogma, but through your own unique personal experience. As you encounter the majesty of your soul, the beauty of your soul’s true home, and the presence of love and order in the universe, a shift in consciousness takes place, a transformation. Seeing, experiencing for yourself the grand continuity of existence and spiritual development brings a liberation, a hopefulness, and a renewed determination to fulfill your soul’s contract and present life purpose.

What are the benefits of experiencing a LBL Regression?

  • Understanding your eternal self, your purpose in this life, your destiny as a soul.
  • Gaining clarity why you chose the particular challenges that you are currently experiencing and what their meaning and purpose is from the perspective of your soul.
  • Seeing your connection with the people who play a significant role in your current life.
  • Understanding why you chose th is particular family and this particular body and how they serve you t o achieve your current purpose.
  • Reuniting with your soul group, who often reincarnate with you and help you to achieve your goals.
  • Receiving sacred knowledge from your Guide and the Counsel of Elders.
  • Seeing the bigger picture of you as a soul.
  • Creating more love, laughter, health and wealth in your everyday living.
  • The fear of death will diminish or disappear as you watch the continuation of your lives.
  • Learning how to be at peace with being you.

There are unlimited possibilities and resources for inner discoveries, and each person will find the answers that they are looking for in their specific life situation.

How to prepare

Think about your objectives for the session. Possible ones include your current life purpose, spiritual and karmic progress, why certain events have happened in your life, spotting soul group members in this life and meeting your spirit guide.

Identify between 4 to 6 significant people in your life who have had either a positive or negative impact on you. State the relationship they have with you.

Before the session it is best to be well rested, eat a light meal and avoid too much water or caffeine. After the session you may be tired and your mind will probably continue to process the information. It is recommended that you plan a leisurely time immediately after the session for rest and reflection and allow plenty of time for your return journey especially if you need to drive a car.

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