Why Do Ghosts Haunt Us?

Why Do Ghosts Haunt Us?

What Causes Hauntings?

Haunted HouseWhen you think of ghosts and haunted houses, you probably immediately conjure images in your mind of spooky old houses that are always dark and could easily be the set for a Hollywood film. But hauntings can occur in the most ‘normal’ looking and even relatively new properties, and in other places too. Geographical areas such as woodlands or fields can be haunted as can objects and furniture.

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I Was Recently Asked, ‘Why Do Ghosts Haunt Us?’

There are basically three types of haunting. People and homes can be effected by other paranormal activity that could easily be attributed to a haunting but on investigation have a different cause. I’ll cover those in another article.

Different Types Of Hauntings = Different Types Of Ghosts

Spirit in visitation – typically referred to as a ghost and most commonly the spirit of someone who has passed over. In my opinion there are other types of ‘ghost’, but these are the most common. Generally a spirit in visitation is just popping in to say hello and to let you know they’re ok.

Past recording / Psychic Imprint – a recording in time/space of an event that may have been repeated on many occasions, or was traumatic or highly emotional for those involved. It is as if the event is etched in the fabric of the place like a memory, or recorded as though the environment itself is video tape.

Earthbound spirit – the spirit of someone who hasn’t yet passed ‘into the light’ and is said to have unfinished business. Or they may have died so quickly that they are unaware of being dead. These guys usually need some assistance to get moving.

Don’t worry, full-on hauntings are rare. But if you, or anyone you know has a problem it is fixable.

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